“Too proud to ask for help, prayed to God for a change in my career path since I had been at McDonald’s since 2013 as a shift manager, and he delivered. Kathy built up my resume to align my skills for a case manager position, she emailed me 3 open positions, I applied, and was blessed with a new beginning. She believed in me when I had no faith, she empowered me when I needed it, she engaged me in opportunities, and I fought for them. I was the top candidate from the interview of the company I wanted to work for, I took the offer, salary increased $10K for a 40-hour week, I am blessed! I gained more confidence to apply for an Economic Self Sufficiency Specialist and received the blessing. I had been given a new opportunity with DCF in 2018. I have been offered a position in the Jacksonville area which the move has been a blessing. I acknowledge God has given many blessings in my career where I can utilize my talents in the new position”.

k. Gallagher


“In seeing how Kathy worked one-on-one with my fianc√© to obtain a position as a firefighter, I knew she would be able to help me in getting my dream job as a CSI. She enhanced my resume, developed a cover letter, showed me the what to expect, what to ask, what to wear, and how to pitch my elevator speech with confidence. With limited experience in Forensic Investigations, I was able to become one of the 11 semi-final applicants. In the final interviews, I was chosen for the CSI position. All the career development techniques Kathy gave me and God’s will, enabled me to be empowered in this opportunity. In 2018, I have listened to God, my heart, and Katheryn, to seek my true passion, which is working with animals where I have transitioned to become a Vet Tech”.

d. miller-watkins

“I had been working in a high-volume faith-based restaurant as a supervisor and needed HELP! “Wow, what a professional resume you have”, as I was told at an interview for a firefighter position with a local city. Even though I did not get that job, she told me I would hear some no’s and the “yes” position will come. Kathy gave me the knowledge of the techniques of interviewing for a position that I only had volunteer experience as. She had worked with me one-on-one and created my resume where my skills were displayed. I did hear a few no’s, but I was able to display my confidence with a professional resume and job interviewing skills. Every step throughout this process, she genuinely cared for my success. God blessed me with the position he wanted me at, with Volusia County as a Firefighter.  I have been awarded as EMT of the year in 2018 and Fire Fighter of the year in 2019″.

J. Watkins