Auxilium manus deo

                                                                                                      Latin for

                                                                                   Helping Hands with God



Mission Statement: To build upon the Career Warriors talents in sustaining a career within the community while restoring one’s dignity, engaging empowerment, and to increase their opportunities with employability and spiritual needs.

Vision: To increase employability for Career Warriors where the employers will have candidates who are empowered and fighting for their livelihood in career opportunities.

Hannah Kerr’s “Warrior” song gives the Career Warriors hope, strength, and confirms someone believes in them and their talents. The song gives a glimpse about us of how we will hold the faith and be strong with the Career Warriors. Listen now for the song Warrior.




  About Us: Members of the Board at Auxilium Manus DEO


Katheryn (Kathy) Meagher, Ph.D., MBA, MHR

Notary for State of FL

PeopleMap Certified Trainer 


Curtis Ransom, VP/Treasurer

Curtis has over 33 years as the general manager in retail where he has ‘over the top” customer service with customers and vendors. He has built and maintained relationships with local businesses, the community, and customers. His compassion for others will ensure each Career Warrior receives grace and is considerate of their needs, be it spiritual or material.



Elyse has over 20 years of experience with staffing services focusing on client and employee relations while in management roles. She has worked with a diverse client and employee base. She has built, grown, and maintained long term relationships with clients and employees during the employment process. Elyse is well regarded in the business community and takes pride in the many accomplishments she has achieved over the years. Elyse and her husband, Steve, are proud parents of their son Matt, who is a Tech Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force since 2014.




Kathy has had a passion for career development prior to opening a small business in 2013; however, God has now led her to give back to the community in providing career development services to those who are fighting to obtain a career by restoring their dignity, engaging empowerment, while enhancing opportunities in the community.  Kathy’s highly energized enthusiastic personality and compassion in helping others achieve success in his or her career is invigorating to her and will be with him or her in their journey in obtaining a career.

At Auxilium Manus DEO, prayer will be offered after the workshops to ask God to pour his love upon the Career Warrior where one will receive his grace.

                 In Memory of Lynnette Daniels                                                      1945-2020

                   Treasurer/Manager of On a Mission 

Lynnette has been a faithful servant of God in managing and operating First Baptist Daytona’s thrift store for 11 years (2008-2019). She was dedicated in helping others look their best as well as achieving their best. She was a compassionate humanitarian whose focus is to ensure others have the opportunity to better themselves and hear the word of God. She has gone home to Jesus on November 16, 2020 and will be missed by all. 🙁  









About The team

A Team You Can Rely On


      Les Kayanan, PhD, Retired Major              Vice President of Veterans’ Development

In 2012, Les obtained his PhD from Capella University which has led him to his dream career, as Experimentation Lead for the Army Research Laboratory. As a DA civilian, his work focused on modernization, connects him with soldiers and leaders across the operational force. His 20 years of active duty & 2 tours in Iraq (2008-2011), was followed by various work as, military contractor, an educator, church group leader, song writer, and most importantly faithful servant for God. He encourages veterans to make career decisions based on personal strengths (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) & professional guidance. 


Proud Non-Profit Member of the Veteran Owned Business.




               Debbie Blanco, Retired Airman                     Vice President of Veteran Activities,               Secretary, Toy Store Coordinator

Debbie served for 3 years in the US Airforce at March Air Force Base in CA, protecting our freedoms and country. Her dedication for vets to become employable again is top on her list for us. A faithful servant for Jesus Christ, she has been volunteering for over 25 years in Children’s Ministry at First Baptist Daytona. Experienced Retail Merchandiser in Volusia County displaying strong work ethics per project. A heart of gold, she always put others first and is a generous giver in so many ways.